What We Treat

Peripheral Neuropathy icon

Peripheral Neuropathy

& Other Neurological Conditions

In blending the time-tested science of acupuncture with innovative medical solutions like ATP Resonance BioTherapy®, we are able to treat your peripheral neuropathy!

Fibromyalgia icon


We design personalized, comprehensive treatment programs for each of our Fibromyalgia patients so that we can address your specific concerns and get you back to living life!

Chronic Pain icon

Chronic Pain

& Autoimmune Conditions

Whether it’s the severe throbbing and pulsing pain of a MIGRAINE, the painful burning sensation that accompanies SCIATICA, the unbearable swelling and stiffness of your joints from ARTHRITIS, or the chronic pain you’re experiencing as a result of failed surgery, we are here to help!

Women's Health icon

Women's Health

We work to restore balance & overall vitality to women during any stage of their journey. From menstruation to fertility to menopause, we use personalized treatment programs to address the root cause of concerns in order for you to achieve optimal health.

Eye Health icon

Eye Health

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat eye conditions. Now we blend this incredible medicine with innovative technology to treat modern-day eye diseases.