O3 ReBoot Therapy®

A unique treatment that both detoxifies and heals the body

Why Use O3 ReBoot Therapy®?

O3 ReBoot Therapy® mixes gas naturally found in Earth’s atmosphere with oxygen to create a treatment with powerful healing capabilities.

O3 has been used by practitioners for more than 150 years with benefits shown for autoimmune diseases as well as many other health issues.


What To Expect With
O3 ReBoot Therapy®

Quick & Painless

O3 ReBoot Therapy® is quick and painless, you’re in and out of the office in 15 minutes.

Treatment Course

For most conditions, we prescribe a series of 10 treatments. Some may need less, some more. This will be determined at your consultation.

Accurate Assessment

One you are being treated, the doctor will analyze your response to treatment and be able to give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect from further treatments.

Conditions We Treat With O3 ReBoot Therapy®

Chronic autoimmune conditions like psoriasis & lupus
Brain fog or Fibro fog if associated with Fibromyalgia
Ear conditions like infections, tinnitus & vertigo

Colon-related disease like Crohn’s disease & IBS
Skin-related conditions like infections, burns, diabetic ulcers, even athlete’s foot

Sinus conditions like acute or chronic sinusitis, acute upper respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis, etc.
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But First, An Evaluation

While O3 ReBoot Therapy® is one of our offerings, in our clinic Alyson will meet with you and evaluate your specific needs to determine if you are a candidate for our services. Then, if you are a good candidate for our clinic, she will formulate a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

The majority of the time, her treatment plans draw from all of our services to give you the best comprehensive care and get you the results you desire in the most expeditious method.

Common Questions About O3 ReBoot Therapy®

Am I A Candidate For O3 ReBoot Therapy® ?

Because of the wide array of conditions that O3 ReBoot Therapy® can treat and it’s various applications it’s best to schedule a consultation with Alyson to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

How does O3 ReBoot Therapy® work?

O3 ReBoot Therapy® uses supercharged oxygen and its wonderful medical properties to detoxify and heal the body by selectively attaching itself to and eliminating bacteria, virus, parasites, mold & fungi.

Is O3 ReBoot Therapy® covered by insurance?

Insurance companies only like to cover treatments that don’t actually fix the problem, so O3 ReBoot Therapy® or any other regenerative procedure is not covered by any insurance. The good news is, that you are the one in charge of what procedures you get, not an insurance company.